Tanner Tee Heavy (Adult/Standard)


Tanner Tee Heavy for Adults


The all new Tanner Heavy batting tee is the newest edition of Tanner Tees.

Features & Benefits

10 lb. heavyweight base with a commercial grade rubber over mold

Engineered for optimal weight distribution and versatility

New design features three contact points for maximum balance, increased stability and less creep

Achieve any tee placement position on or off home plate without the tee leaning

Solid steel frame built for long lasting durability

The original flexible rolled rubber ball rest allows you to feel the ball not the tee at contact.

Our patented tee design and metal construction offers years of proven durability

No twists or turns, simple adjustments from 26 - 43 inches.

The Tanner Tee is a best seller and is used by all levels of professional baseball, top college and high school programs, and thousands of home users.  The hand rolled ball rest sets Tanner Tees apart from any other training tool. The Flextop™ allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference. This patented tee is the most used, preferred and trusted batting tee among all levels of the game. It breaks down in seconds to fit into almost any travel bag.  How you train off the tee is up to you. We provide the tool, and you do the work.


"We use Tanner Tees exclusively"

Tony Gwynn - MLB Hall of Fame & Head Baseball Coach San Diego State University

"Tanner Tees are the best training aid for every level."

Gregg Jefferies - Two-time MLB All-Star & Owner at Gregg Jefferies Sports Academy

“The Tanner Tee is by far the most used and best batting tee in professional baseball.”

Doug Bernier - Founder of Pro Baseball Insider.com

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